Your application process to Oxbridge awards and membership

Membership Fees and Award Levels

We welcome all new members to Oxbridge giving you immediate access to all the benefits of being an Oxbridge Life member. Please note that we are a Professional Membership body and all awards are professional, not academic. Our Institutional members mainly comprise Academies, Colleges or Learning Providers, who seek to have many of their professional certificate or diploma courses accredited by Oxbridge and officially listed in the British Qualifications Register. They are from all over the world

Individual Membership Fees:

  • Associate Life Member  - TVET / Apprenticeship £100.00 ( RQF Levels 2-5 )
    • Certified Life Member (Associate Fellow) - Certificate / Diploma £200.00 ( RQF Level 6 )
      • Certified Life Fellow - International professional Certificate £300 ( RQF Level 7 )
        • Specialist Doctorate (Senior Life Fellow) - Professional Specialist Doctorates  (DRS/DBA ) £1600 ( RQF Level 8 )
          •  Senior Research Life Fellow - Post Doctoral Research Professorship  £200 ( RQF Level 9 )

There is no joining fee.

Institutional Membership fees:

Learning Providers (Academies/Colleges/Consultancies).   £100.00

Individual Membership level awards assessment are based on completed RPL/APEL application forms.

Membership ceremonies are held periodically in Oxford, Cambridge, Africa, Middle East and East Asia

Robes can be rented for an official ceremony. Details and booking forms can be requested by email.

Assessors are responsible for evaluating candidates’ RPL/APEL application forms and recommending the membership level award.

The List of Oxbridge Assessors is shown under the heading ASSESSORS.

If you wish to be considered for any of the above membership awards, please complete and submit an RPL/APEL application form, which can be downloaded from the section, TO JOIN.

please email to:


  • CPD Defined:

“ A commitment of professionals to enhance job-related knowledge, skills, competencies and proficiency   through learning and experience in their work and career”

  • Some more descriptions.

     An academic credit equates with 3 hours of learner engagement

   (includes ‘face to face’ teaching, learning facilitation, coaching, study or assignment work)

   A contact hour equates with 50 to 60 minutes.

   A Professional Certificate comprises 40 contact hours and 80 assignment hours. (Total of 120 hours)

  • Examples: Short courses/seminars (35hrs) In-house training (25hrs) Conferences/Meetings (15hrs)

   A typical Professional Certificate may comprise:

   Active Learning. Reflective Reading. Self-Directed study. Project or Assignment work

           40 hours   +       10 hours           +         10 hours         +         80 hours     = 140 hours or CPD credit units


For your ‘Portfolio’ analysis, you will earn 100 points for every year of related work experience. Thus, for someone who has 20 years, this comes to 2000 points. Now, add your CPD credit points of 1150 to your work portfolio points of 2000, the total gives you 3150 points.

For your Professional Doctoral Level Award, you need 3000 points. So, in this example above, there are sufficient points. Note, this is not an Academic Degree

If you fall short, you will need to write a portfolio report, highlighting what you have learned about in your area of specialty, which might include materials from training courses, or copies of management reports that you have compiled in your work. A typical portfolio report should be between 3000 to 5000 words. Please refer to the separate guideline on a “Portfolio Analysis’ under the website section ‘JOIN US’.

For those who have had articles published, these can augment the materials that you are putting together, or you can add the proceedings of related conferences attended.

Good Luck

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